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Episode 126: The Big Trade Deadline Cast

Episode 126: The Big Trade Deadline Cast

April 9, 2021

The Dallas Stars won one of those four-point contests against the Chicago Blackhawks last night. That means they’ve moved up one place in the Central Division standings, but they’re still seven points out of the race for a Stanley Cup playoffs spot with two games to go before the NHL trade deadline. What to do, what to do....

In our pre-TDL edition, Wes Lawrence and Taylor Baird try to separate the green shoots from the magic beans. Here’s what made the menu as the TDL bears down on us like an out-of-control semi:

  • What message is the team sending whether they buy, sell or hold?
  • Can the Stars find the juice (or the unicorn trade) to make a run to the playoffs, or are they prisoners of their own style?
  • Is it really as simple as fixing pieces when the structure may be faulty?
  • How much is on the system, and how much is on the players?
  • To what extent are the Stars still feeling the fallout from The Ken Hitchcock Year?
  • What could happen if they finally get healthy?
  • Is Texas Stars head coach Neil Graham the big team’s next breakout homegrown prospect?
  • And what the heck is wrong with a league that can’t find space for pure offensive players?

Do you ever think you just need to talk more crap about your favorite players to get them going? You’re among friends here.

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Episode 125: Turn The Beat Around

Episode 125: Turn The Beat Around

April 1, 2021

If you look too hard at the standings, you might miss one of the truly hopeful facets of the Dallas Stars’ season to date. That’s the bumper crop of defensive depth blossoming everywhere in the organization, from Thomas Harley to Ben Gleason.

Mark Zimmerman sits in as Wes’ special guest to discuss what’s going on all over the Stars organization. On the menu:

  • Are Miro Heiskanen and Jamie Oleksiak too similar to be complementary?
  • Is Joel Hanley a secret weapon hiding in plain sight?
  • Is the Stars’ best life happening right now – only it’s in Cedar Park, and the Texas Stars are the ones living it?
  • And what if the Stars do trade John Klingberg? (After all, Klingberg is Klingberg, but a trade could be anything. It could even be a Klingberg!)

All this, and the return of Obi-Honka-Nobi – can you really afford to miss this edition of Stargazing? We think not.

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Episode 124: Which Way Is Up?

Episode 124: Which Way Is Up?

March 16, 2021

Alexander Radulov is back, and he’s brought his mojo with him. And not a moment too soon, because the Dallas Stars need it more than ever. That’s where we are. Which way is this headed?

We’re halfway into March, and Wes and Logan have takes. Oh, so many takes:

  • Are the Stars...bad now?
  • Or are they good, but strangely and specifically made?
  • Was it a good idea to keep playing low-event hockey with so many skill players injured?
  • Did they make the right decision when they decided to subject Jake Oettinger to the Tampa Bay Lightning this week?
  • Can they still make the most of all those games in hand?
  • And would it be such a bad idea to blow it all up? (Spoiler alert: Yes. Yes, it would be. Here’s why.)

All this, and the Annual John Klingberg Trade Prediction #Disco Ball, are waiting for you in today’s episode. Let’s dance. (After you present your Jack Eichel-level asset at the door.)

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Episode 123: A Hockey Fantasy

Episode 123: A Hockey Fantasy

March 4, 2021

The Dallas Stars began the month of March with back-to-back shutouts at the hands of Andrei Vasilevskiy and the Tampa Bay Lightning. If it feels like you’ve seen this before, it’s probably because they’ve been rehearsing for this humiliation throughout the month of February.

Wes and Logan talk about a Stars-crossed month – and find a path that leads the Victory Green Gang to a better place by April. A fantasy, you say?...

In this edition:

  • Has Miro Heiskanen come back to Earth?
  • How much did the Stars miss Alexander Radulov in February?
  • How much help can they get from their March schedule?
  • How much can we expect them to do without Tyler Seguin?
  • And how much will they matter by April?

All this, and predictions for the next Columbus Blue Jackets series, can be yours in this episode. Lean into it, and step all the way out to the edge with us!

Ready to be part of the next Stargazing? Post your puck questions at Defending Big D, or find us @WesALawrence, @LoganStarkChel and @KETibbetts.

Episode 122: Heaven Knows

Episode 122: Heaven Knows

February 26, 2021

This week, the Dallas Stars returned to the ice after the storm...and hey, at least they didn’t go 0-for-Florida. That’s good...right?

Wes and Logan return to the mic after a couple of weeks that have taken a lot out of us all. And as every NHL team continues to play only the teams it needs to leapfrog in the standings, the Florida Panthers series may be a referendum of sorts.

In this edition:

  • another classic Stars third-period turtle, and what it means for a tender rookie like Jake Oettinger,
  • what the team is missing, and how fatigue is compounding it,
  • how the every-other-day schedule could help them or hurt them,
  • the role their talented taxi squad could – and should – play during the grind ahead,
  • the remarkably positive state of Stars goaltending,
  • and whether now is the time to panic.

All this, and another Razor Reaugh shut-out...this edition of Stargazing is what you need.

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Episode 121: Pick Up The Pieces

Episode 121: Pick Up The Pieces

February 10, 2021

The Dallas Stars ran out of chances, twice, in overtime, in American Airlines Center, against the hated (and now 23 percent more inferior!) Chicago Blackhawks. Struggle happens. Wes and Logan are here to help you brush it off.

In this edition:

  • How much do the Stars miss Alexander Radulov?
  • How much worse could this be if not for the team’s current goaltending depth?
  • What will it take to make them get more aggressive in their own zone?
  • Are these three losses a hairline fracture, or a bigger break?
  • Can Thomas Harley become the Patrik Nemeth of John Klingbergs?
  • And how can the team turn it around with the visiting Carolina Hurricanes?

What’s your Polak Score? Let’s talk about it.

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Episode 120: Got To Be Real

Episode 120: Got To Be Real

February 6, 2021

It’s the weekend, and the Dallas Stars are finally home from an enervating road trip that hit some high points but went a little cock-eyed at the wrong times. Who needs to shape up, and who is contributing more than you may think?

Now that the first Columbus Blue Jackets series is over, Wes and Logan dig deep into the numbers. So what’s real about the Stars’ season so far, and what does that tell us about where it will it go from here?

In this episode:

  • Who’s up and who’s down on the power play?
  • Who’s carrying the team at five on five?
  • Who’s drawn the most penalties, and where does it count most?
  • Where are the biggest shocks and surprises in shot differential?
  • How much do standings matter when pandemic protocols are calling the dance?
  • And what will happen when the Chicago Blackhawks hit the AAC on Sunday?

What meal do you eat to produce anger?... Stay tuned for this, and the Roope Hintz goal horn, in this edition of Stargazing: #Disco Nights.

Be part of the next Stargazing! We welcome puck-and-stick questions in the comments and on Twitter. Find us at Defending Big D or @WesALawrence, @LoganStarkChel and @KETibbetts.

Episode 119: Knock On Wood

Episode 119: Knock On Wood

February 2, 2021

The Dallas Stars hit a rough patch in North Carolina. Now they’ll try to get their mojo back in the Columbus Blue Jackets’ house. Is there any way they can re-light the fires of victory in frozen Ohio?

Take a listen as Wes and Logan review the bullet points:

  • Will the Mighty Morphin’ Power Play help the Stars stay alive?
  • Can they stay out of the sin bin against a pesky team like the Jackets?
  • Has Miro Heiskanen been relatively quiet or has John Klingberg just been sucking all the air out of the room?
  • Will the lack of downtime be a hindrance or a help this season?
  • And can the Stars pull together to protect Jake Oettinger from getting shelled?

This, plus a few scorching hot takes, await you in an all-new After Dark episode. You gotta believe...!

Want to be part of the next “Stargazing?” We welcome your puck-and-stick questions – you can find us at Defending Big D or @WesALawrence, @LoganStarkChel and @KETibbetts.

Episode 118: #Disco Inferno

Episode 118: #Disco Inferno

January 29, 2021

The Dallas Stars are the only undefeated team in the NHL. Let that sink in. And with that, are they about to face their first real test in the Carolina Hurricanes?

It’s time to talk about it, and Wes and Logan are ready. In this episode, they:

  • hang a new nickname on the Discover® Central, because the Scotiabank® North shouldn’t have all the fun,
  • proclaim the mystery of Joe Pavelski,
  • quietly marvel at John Klingberg,
  • celebrate the rookie firsts,
  • and make a couple of weirdly specific predictions for the next series.

How deep is your love roster? Peel slowly and see.

And hey, come on down and be part of the next “Stargazing.” We welcome your puck questions in the comments and on Twitter. You can find us at DBD or @WesALawrence, @LoganStarkChel and @KETibbetts.

Episode 117: Are You For Real?

Episode 117: Are You For Real?

January 25, 2021

The Dallas Stars are two games into a COVID-delayed season, and also two wins up on their perennial divisional rivals the Nashville Predators. Clearly, something is going right. Could it be that this team is...the genuine article?

Wes and Logan discuss the signs that point to the emergence of the post-2020 Stanley Cup Final Stars as one of the NHL’s elite squads. The evidence:

  • a truly powerful power play,
  • a John Klingberg who has found a new level of super-Stardom,
  • a Joe Pavelski who has not looked this good since his heyday with the San Jose Sharks,
  • and scoring lines that look more than capable of holding the fort until Tyler Seguin (and Jamie Benn?) can recover.

Will Wes ever pronounce Roope Hintz’s name correctly? Listen and find out!

Don’t forget that you can be part of the next “Stargazing!” We welcome your puck questions in the comments and on Twitter. Find us at DBD or at @WesALawrence, @LoganStarkChel and @KETibbetts.

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